• Ncamiso Ngcamphalala

The truth shall set us free

This statement is sacrosanct and loved by all who love the truth even when it is hurting. I believe most corn men, regular and pathological law breakers, white crime experts, corrupt and greedy people will not agree with my topic because mostly it is bypassing the truth that makes their wealth.

It is fact and the truth that the Kingdom of Eswatini, was multi party before independence and five years after independence.

It is a fact and the truth that the British did not give back independence willingly, but it was pressure from political parties and labour that put effective pressure that caused the first national strike, in 1963 then popularly known as Sitelega sa Dumisa a Prince a democrat.

It is a fact and the truth that the British, were responsive and set up a dialogue with all parties recognised then, where the institution of the Monarch was represented by the Swazi National Council, the British were represented by the British Council, and this was the first National Political All-inclusive dialogue and was given full time to address the issue of the demand of independence by the then multiparty Kingdom of Eswatini.

It is a fact and the truth that they produced an independence constitution for the Kingdom of Eswatini and all agreed that it was a Supreme law of the country.

It is also truth that the independence Constitution of 1968, was an agreed road-Map supreme law for the Peoples of the Kingdom, and that this supreme law like all others universally had a repeal clause which like a democratic constitutions demanded that when such need came to rise, there should be a referendum or a plybecith.

It is a fact and the truth that parties went into elections according to the agreed 1968, and when they lost they accepted to be ruled by the government that won the elections and counted their losses.

It is a fact that Imbokodvo National Movement who won all the parliament seats in this epoch of their landslide victory, they missed a serious necessary political component which no individual or political party cannot buy, but have to experience it, to have, and frequent and regular debate in parliament, tolerance to dissenting views, being challenged by another Idea you had not thought of as they became a defecto one Party State.

I would like to believe that if our first government experienced multi Party and few opposition, 1973, would have never happened particularly that they remained an overwhelming majority even in the 1972 elections where they retained eighteen (18) seats out of a total of twenty-one seats parliament, greed and corruption crept into power and the Institution of the Monarchy gave away the role of conflict management and prevention as everybody respected the institution, instead the Monarchy saw an opportunity of absolute Monarchy by usurping the independence constitution unconstitutionally and chose to amassed all powers of governance and the People by a decree. A history that still defines our system of governance today. A coup de tat in terms.

It is true King Sobhuza II introduced tinkhundla system of governance, and was unequivocal to mention that they will remain and experiment, and if time comes people of the Kingdom feel it is not working, they shouldn’t hesitate to engage in dialogue to consider changing it. From where I sit I believe time to do it is non-other than Now.

If what is currently circulating in the social media spaces, to the effect that Her Royal Highness and Minister for ICT, is opposing the PM indeed in any political form and particularly government there must be opposition, I am not saying she is right, or even wrong, all I am saying opposition and freedom of expression are good for politics.

I am sure the hoolah, baloogh that seems to cause a discomfort, is that this system government was never akin to opposition or voices and tolerance to dissenting opinions and ideas.

All I like in this emerging episode is that, it no longer needs political activists to say the system of tinkhundla has dismally failed to change the lives of the peoples of our beloved Kingdom.

In a free democratic dispensation, there would be no intervention yet, but the PM would have his day to respond and be heard and such opposition would be a creature of political parties that gives all the right to express and reply without fear favour and prejudice, however in this mess this is a product of abuse of power and centralised governing power a speciality of the Tinkhundla system by which the taxpayer has been pathologically impoverished, mine policies not considering job creation which is peoples priorities, but government interests first.

We saw it coming, it is wrong businesswise and wrong politically where the system of succession is hereditary or by birth right. For better clarity, any business owner would be making life very very difficult for his or her foreman to appoint his son or daughter to serve under that foreman, because any insolence and insubordination which is done by the son, or reprimand or discipline to be executed, the son or daughter to be disciplined can only happen when the son or daughter accepts it if they don’t the work of the foreman untenable. And in this case this Prime Minister will have the most difficult term to shepherd his troops as a captain a very unfortunate situation and this can only happen in dictatorships which tinkhundla are.

The irony is that if the PM is not allowed to prevail and forced to leave, any replacement as long as the son or daughter who are also appointed by the same authority that appoints the PM will suffer the same avoiding the truth and running the country streetwise is not going to be sustainable and this cannot serve the nation with dignity as God wants and as the constitution dictate, this is attitude is likely to spread into all emabandla where emazinyane have been appointed, this is the problem of nepotism.

Political parties are the foundational requirement god wanted to see individually or in the collective, a complete human being is that who has a conscience in siswati we say nembeza. And the complete multipartism and guaranteed opposition is in this which you call nembeza, if it works whenever one attempts or plans to do wrong the functioning nembeza with its opposition will tell you that what you are thinking is wrong and may cause you to be arrested if you persist. The day one decide not to listen to this little God structured nembeza or opposition, ngesiswati nasekutsiwa awusekhuteki the usual term is sewufenembeza.

Let truth be told if God could not construct us without that integrity self-check software as an individual, how can a country be run without multiparties and without an opposition? Let’s wake up and smell the coffee the peoples of this country cannot be held hostage forever as long as they are made of Gods image but not treated with dignity God will intervene on their behalf.

Government and the authorities cannot mock God, where in the one hand we claim that the Kingdom is the pulpit of Africa, yet on the other hand deliberately and decisively making the lives of God’s people miserable when they enjoy life lavishly. God will fight for his people. The only best truth to correct the ills of this country is to go back to multipartism.

Finally let it be known that all God created humans have a multiparty software with an opposition, how then can you run the country without opposition?

Jan J Sithole

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Swaziland Ambrose Dlamini