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Democracy, human rights and Multiparty Godly

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Democracy, human rights and Multiparty Godly

To support my assertion that fundamental human rights are Godly, I want to make an example of how God responded to oppression, slavery, torture and forced labour (as enshrined in section 17 of the constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland which reads thus; A person shall not be held in slavery, a person shall not be required to perform forced labour) exercised by the Israelites under the Rule of Pharaoh of Egypt. God devised a liberation program that was led by Moses to liberate the Israelites from the brutal, and torturous regime of Pharaoh because God hates oppression of man by man, not only did he liberate them from Pharaoh’s iron fisted brutal and oppressive regime, but also fought their battle as he allowed Moses and the Israelites to cross the sea and drowned Pharaoh’s army in the same sea that Moses and the Israelites had crossed. To further support this point, God says in the book of Exodus chapter 20 verse 2 “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”(new King James Version)(NKJV)

I want to focus on human dignity basics because they are achievable and that they form all the steps that can lead us to the first world. I now want to focus on the freedom of expression as the key to success, understanding, dialogue and conflict management and resolution world over.

SWADEPA wants a Kingdom of Eswatini that is, Economically vibrant, Fiscally disciplined, Politically plural and democratic, accountable to all, Enjoys robust free political and democratic debate with dissenting voices without fear or favour, Culturally robust and dynamic, non-discriminatory, non-sexist, non-nepotism and on a continuous developmental pedestal, responsive to the concerns of the people, economically responsive, socially responsive and sensitive to the needs of the all the people including the vulnerable and marginalised groups and not limited to the elderly and people living with disabilities, Corruption intolerant, Educationally qualitative, proactive and intensive, Agriculturally self-sufficient and food security adherent, Internationally, continentally and regionally compliant to all treaties, covenants and protocols we are party to as a country.

SWADEPA believes that to successfully work towards meeting the 2022 Vision or first world status, there is need to do the basics which are first of all to respect human dignity by applying the biblical dictates love your neighbour as you love yourself, equality before the law, these biblical dictates are further supported by several international treaties and protocols which were produced after the first world war to mention but a few is the Declaration of fundamental Human rights of the United Nations in 1948 and many subsequent human rights related covenants thereafter. This Charter contains all fundamental rights and I personally believe that this charter compliments what God the Almighty wanted for his people and that means all humanity irrespective of status, condition and station in life.

As a born again Christian I believe that God is infallible, he makes no mistakes, he is perfect as such if it was his wish that only leadership and those in power should selectively enjoy the freedom of speech and expression, he would have made all other people to have no mouths but ears only and leadership and those in power to have both ears and mouths. So to suppress the right and freedom of expression is also ungodly and against the constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland. For those that read the bible, they will agree with me that God believes in dialogue, according to my Bible before Eve was created, God would come and chat with Adam, and during the time of the biblical Moses, God would time and again communicate with Moses as such denial of the freedom of expression and speech is un Godly, its unconstitutional and not acceptable internationally. SWADEPA appreciates that the judiciary immediately after the fateful departure of the former Chief Justice Ramodibedi the Judiciary saw fit to unconditionally withdraw the court judgements on the denial of the freedom of Expression that were placed on Mr. Bheki Makhubu and Mr. Thulani Maseko as the charges were unconstitutional in the first place.

Different Political Parties attended a MAYDAY Rally in 2019


It is SWADEPA’s belief that respect for fundamental human rights, respect for the rule of law, respect for the doctrine of the Separation of powers, respect for the constitution, and ensuring that all laws that contradict the constitution are revoked and new laws that are compliant to the constitution are put in place, such an exercise cannot take three months if the government seriously wants that to happen. That would already transform our legislative framework to first world status. Currently it is not happening because the Executive to date since 2005 the year of the promulgation of the constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland, has never embarked on a deliberate exercise of law reform to cause all the laws of the country to conform to the constitution of the country, one may even say what has been done deliberately by the Executive is that the law reform process does not see the light of day.

In the Swaziland SWADEPA envisages, where all shall be equal before the law, where the rule of law shall prevail, where separation of powers shall persist, Swaziland will remain a Kingdom, The Institution of the Monarch shall Reign, government shall serve and account to the people and the people shall govern through their representatives in a multiparty environment. All the above is attainable peacefully through an all-inclusive result oriented National political dialogue.

I hope from the new crop of advisors there will be no grovelers and hangers on who will deliberately misinform their Majesties to say political parties are demons because we are not, but a tool that guarantees checks and balances and calls government to account to the citizenry in the process instilling principles of good governance. I am certain that one of the best attraction points to incite investors to a country is good governance, respect for the rule of law, equality before the law irrespective of status, a clear land policy, clear investment policy and guaranteed separation of powers. Without these there can be no realization of the first world status by 2022.

Jan J Sithole